5 Minute Success Mindset

Freedom Through Habit- The 1% Rule

July 09, 2021 Kristen Becker
5 Minute Success Mindset
Freedom Through Habit- The 1% Rule
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If habit can hold you back, why can't it set you free too? 

This is part 3 of a 3-part series on Freedom. Be sure to check out the other 2 episodes  (34 & 35).

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Continuing with our freedom theme this week, let's talk about freeing yourself from one habit. What is the one habit that you have established? that most holds you back? And what I find, interestingly enough, is that it can, well, not it can, but it is usually related to so many aspects of your life. When you start thinking of one habit, like probably something already popped into your mind. And then if you really sit down and you know, I talked on the episode right before this, about asking questions, and start asking yourself questions, and go deep, right, like peeling an onion? How does this affect all different aspects of my life to continue to hold on to this habit? Like I said, I know something already popped into your mind, we all have our things that we're like, I want so much to free myself from that, right. And that is freedom. I think I've talked about this before, but if not, let's let's go there. You'll have your conscious part of your mind where you say yes, absolutely, totally want to ditch this habit. And then you have the subconscious part of your mind, which keeps compelling you to participate in the habit. And you need to align them and get them both speaking the same language and having the same agenda. So when you ask these questions, this is when you're engaging, you're feeling your emotions, right. And you're more habitual part of your mind starts going. Yeah, actually, I hate everything about this. Yeah, this is like affecting me in this way. And that way, and whatever my health, my relationships, my success, whatever. And so by just continuously asking these questions, that is how you begin to get both parts of your mind to speak the same language on the issue so that you will automatically be able to ditch the habit. Now, that's just one approach, right part of the approach. Another thing is, with James clear talks about this in his book, atomic habits, which is super awesome, I really, really recommend that book, The 1% roll, don't try to use willpower willpower doesn't work. Another great book by Dr. Benjamin Hardy, you want to gradually change it just 1% better just look at it and say, Well, how can I get just 1% better on this issue? And because it's in your awareness, another thing I love to remind people awareness, intention, guidance and repetition. Empirical science has shown that this is always the pattern when it comes to transformation. So you're asking yourself these questions, you're just being in your awareness with the issue and 1% better here and there, right. And another thing I have talked about a lot, your self concept starts to shift during this process. And you literally become, quote, the kind of person who, yada yada, yada, XYZ insert, you know, preferred way of showing up in the world, right? If you want to go a little further on that one since, I mean, this is turning into a book recommendation episode. But Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell smart, very good book on that topic. See, you know, it doesn't have to be hard. This freedom business is pretty fun, and it's empowering and you deserve it. You got born and stuff, so you might as well crush it right?